Today's poem is "Bernal Heights"
from In Praise of Falling

Noemi Press

Cheryl Dumesnil is editor of Hitched! Wedding Stories from San Francisco City Hall and coeditor of Dorothy Parker's Elbow: Tattoos on Writers, Writers on Tattoos. Her poems have appeared in Calyx, Indiana Review, Many Mountains Moving, and Nimrod International Journal, among other publications. Cheryl teaches writing workshops in the San Francisco Bay area.

Books by Cheryl Dumesnil:

Other poems on the web by Cheryl Dumesnil:
"Don't Ask Me"

About In Praise of Falling:

"The focus in Cheryl Dumesnil’s poetry is on contemporary subjects in contemporary language—always with fresh understandings and surprising angles and, like all good poetry, with the ‘best words in the best order.’"
—Ed Ochester

"In poems that ‘keep us alive by recording / all our details right,’ Cheryl Dumesnil passionately and at times irreverently approaches the consequences of desire, knowing that ‘sometimes / looking closer lets us love something / more.’ Confucius and Karen Carpenter may ghost through these poems, but autistic children and the selfless community of women spark ‘the unspoken wondering / if any one of us is safe.’ The poems remain celebratory, though, because their eloquent yet unassuming gestures 'raise us / up from the depths, silver, glimmering.’ In Praise of Falling is a debut of extraordinary transparency and generosity."
—Michael Waters

"In Praise of Falling, indeed, a book of praise, one that celebrates the world's gifts with an awareness of its dangers. In the title poem, Dumesnil finds beauty even in ‘that inedible nut, the green globe turning.’ Falling, yes, but still aloft—that's where the poet captures these keenly observed narratives."
—Kim Addonizio

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