Today's poem is "State of a Nation"
from Slaves to Do These Things

BlazeVOX [books]

Amy King is the author of I'm the Man Who Loves You and Antidotes for an Alibi, both from BlazeVOX Books, The People Instruments (Pavement Saw Press Chapbook Award), and forthcoming, I Want to Make You Safe (Litmus Press). She teaches English and Creative Writing at SUNY Nassau Community College and, with Ana Bozicevic, curates the Brooklyn based reading series, The Stain of Poetry.

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About Slaves to Do These Things:

"I'm portable. My mind travels / the verse and valleys of whole people says the poet. Correct! Readers of this book will discover their own memories. They will melt in them, amazed, lullabied, dramatized, shocked that they exist. Amy King is a true bard."
—Tomaž Šalamun

"Smoke n' hott, these poems emerge as ... audible diamonds that cut, where Rock is King & candor disarms paranoia, or, in King's case, downright dismembers it: Forgive me, I am the final/ seminary soul to check your shape/ in the dress of that embalming line. Passengered adeptly under the influence of Lorca, Neruda maybe, (Buried by midnight/ I am a warm/ fly in amber.) the reader wants to shout, GO DUENDE!!!"
—Jeni Olin

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