Today's poem is "The Escape Artist in Winter"
from The Tumbling Box

C&R Press

Allison Funk is the author of three previous collections of poetry, The Knot Garden, Living at the Epicenter, and Forms of Conversion. She has received the Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize and awards from the Society of Midland Authors, the Poetry Society of America, Poetry, and the National Endowment for the Arts. She teaches at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

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About The Tumbling Box:

"In The Tumbling Box, Allison Funk offers us an exquisite accomplishment: elegant, subtle poems that confront the painful and complex enormity we call love, in particular, parental love. In spite of the best of intentions, in giving birth, we give birth not only to love but to suffering; born, we are borne not only toward love but toward suffering. Rigorously and scrupulously crafted, these lyrics move us with their hard-won wisdom, awe us with their persistent lucidity, and redeem us with their enduring grace."
—Eric Pankey

"'Free as one crossing a tightrope,' Allison Funk says in one poem, and that is the freedom of this beautiful book-gracefully poised, perfectly balanced between grief and transformation. These poems are luminous as the paintings and sunlit prairie grass they observe, and piercing as the ancient tales of entrapment and release they reimagine. In The Tumbling Box, Allison Funk gives us the miracle of attention embodied in supple and vivid language. Like the most serious artists, she walks the high wire as one intimate with gravity, and these poems are all the more crucial for their exquisite restraint."
—Betsy Sholl

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