Today's poem is "For Her Waking"
from Pre-Dew Poems

FootHills Publishing

Tom Holmes is a co-founding, co-editor of Redactions: Poetry & Poetics. He is author of After Malagueña (FootHills Publishing, 2005), Negative Time (Pudding House, 2007), and Poetry Assignments: The Book (Sage Hill Press, 2008). His work has also appeared, or is forthcoming, in such journals as the South Carolina Review, Raintown Review, Rockhurst Review, Mid-American Review, Blue Earth Review, Chiron Review, New Zoo Poetry Review, and many other journals that don't have “Review” in their title.

Other poems on the web by Tom Holmes:
"My Mouth (An Apology)"
"The Man Who Counted Away"
"Squeezing away the Past"

About Pre-Dew Poems:

"Tom Holmes's Pre-Dew Poems possesses a masculine rawness that masterfully rides on the edge of sentimentality, but is restrained just enough not to cross over. When I read Holmes, I want to strip my world of excess. These poems shine a light through the haze of minutia and remind us of what truly matters."
—Dan Morris

"At last, a man who can express love without getting me sick. I'm sure the poems speak on some sappy personal level for Tom, but to me they express love in the universal. These poems confront the myths, the imaginings, and the realities of love. Pre-Dew Poems is fulfilling, like a good fuck."
—Semlohsa Moht

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