Today's poem is "Elegy for Robert Creeley and Pope John Paul II, Dead Three Days Apart"
from Octopus

Logan House Press

Tom C. Hunley is an assistant professor of English at Western Kentucky University and the director of Steel Toe Books. He is the author of two previous full-length poetry collections, three chapbooks, and a book of essays about creative writing pedagogy. Above all, he is a devoted husband to Ralaina and the doting father of Evan, Owen, and Blake.

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August 29, 2006:   "At The End Of A Long And Varied Career" " As a child, I rang doorbells and ran off..."

Books by Tom C. Hunley: Octopus, Still, There's A Glimmer, The Tongue

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About Octopus:

"Tom Hunley writes with wit, tenderness, and disarming honesty about the joys and travails of being a husband, father, teacher, and poet. Octopus sheds new light on old truths about the world, and reminds us that we’re lucky to be here."
—Charles Harper Webb

"I don't know if this book, Octopus, has eight arms but it has several: tender but completely unsentimental poems about children and marriage; angry poems and poems of deep gratitude; poems both comic and dark (often simultaneously); and maybe most of all a clear, original, passionate American voice."
—Thomas Lux

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