Today's poem is "Last Look"

from Poetry London

Todd Hearonís poems have been published in the US in AGNI, Poetry, Ploughshares, Literary Imagination, The New Republic and Slate. He received a New England 'Discovery' Award this year.

Other poems on the web by Todd Hearon:
Two poems
"What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him"
"The Singers"

About Poetry London:
Poets in this issue: Phillis Levin, Sarah Hannah, Colette Bryce, Todd Hearon, Susan Wicks, Eva Salzman, Philip Gross, Jane Duran, Padraig Rooney, Stephen Sandy, Tony Williams, Lydia Macpherson, Charles Bennett, Kathryn Simmonds, John Goodby, Moniza Alvi, Jo Shapcott, Christine Webb, Mick Wood, Caroline Bird

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Poetry London * 1A Jewel Road * LONDON E17 4QU * UK
Poetry Editor: Maurice Riordan

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