Today's poem is "Narcissists Anonymous"
from The Halo Rule

Elixir Press

Teresa Leo's poetry and essays have appeared in The American Poetry Review, Poetry, Ploughshares, Women's Review of Books, New Orleans Review, Barrow Street, Italian Americana, Painted Bride Quarterly, Xconnect, and elsewhere. She has been a resident at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Blue Mountain Center, and the Vermont Studio Center, and has received fellowships from the Pew Fellowships in the Arts, the Leeway Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. She works at the University of Pennsylvania.

Books by Teresa Leo: The Halo Rule

Other poems on the web by Teresa Leo:
Three poems

Teresa Leo's Home Page.

About The Halo Rule:

"With robust language and sharp wit, Teresa Leo takes up the struggle to make something durable of human desire. The 'grievous infractions' of her title poem result from the refusal to respect rules of engagement: in sport, in love. Depictions of intimacy’s trusts and betrayals – 'We’re flatlined, sandblasted,/ pummeled, untoward' – deracinate romance; a series of poems that includes 'Narcissists Anonymous' showcases Leo’s nimble welding of classical myth and popular culture. Read The Halo Rule for its original metaphors and frank evocations of women and men in extremis, grappling with appetite, connection, and disconnection"
—Robin Becker

"Teresa Leo’s powerfully visceral poems evoke a life in a maelstrom of vulnerability and rage. They limn the dark side of the irresistible, of love’s bad choices, where no 'halo rule' (a football rule designed to protect the vulnerable receiver) exists to save the speaker and her lover from 'our most grievous infractions.' In this way, Leo finds language for what in many relationships remains unspoken."
—Stephen Dunn

"Teresa Leo’s The Halo Rule possesses an experimental texture that is underscored by the real, the everyday. The reader is transported by the numerous twists and turns embedded in each poem, propelled by a music that is basic, believable, and fantastic. The Halo Rule is a labyrinth of moods, circles within circles, where a seemingly familiar figure of speech can take a leap and turn into a delectable surprise."
—Yusef Komunyakaa

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