Today's poem is "The Weight of Light"
from Stroke

Persea Books

Sidney Wade is the author of four previous poetry collections, and has published poems and translations from the Turkish in numerous periodicals, including The American Scholar, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Poetry. She is Professor of English at the University of Florida, and is currently president of the Associated WritersandWriting Programs (AWP). She lives in Gainesville, Florida.

Other poems by Sidney Wade in Verse Daily:
February 23, 2006:   "Sexual Blossoms and Their Fierce Addictions" " Yesterday's tulips in the crystal bowl..."
September 12, 2002:  "Time and a Dog" "All right we can't repeat the past..."

Books by Sidney Wade: Stroke, Celestial Bodies, Green, From Istanbul / Istangul'dan, Empty Sleeves

Sidney Wade according to Wikipedia.

About Stroke:

"With its extreme word play, Sidney Wade's Stroke dazzles with the right kind of chaos, yet it stays within reach of our sympathy. It moves me, and feels true."
—Les Murray

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