Today's poem is "A Holiday"
from A Witch's Dictionary

Elixir Press

Sarah Kennedy is the author of four books of poems and co-editor of an anthology of Virginia poets. She is a contributing editor for Shenandoah and West Branch and regularly writes reviews and critical essays on modern and contemporary poetry. She is associate professor of English at Mary Baldwin College in Stanton, VA.

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July 7, 2005:   "Revelation: 1373" "Perhaps it was sudden, the Death..."
February 9, 2004:  "Deer" "Halfway across the empty interstate, I stopped..."

Books by Sarah Kennedy: A Witch's Dictionary, Consider the Lilies, Rapture, Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets of Virginia, Double Exposure, Flow Blue

Other poems on the web by Sarah Kennedy:
"The Will of Mary Carryll: 1809"
"The Visions of Bertie Hoskins"
"Morning, With Tea"

About A Witch's Dictionary:

"This Sarah Kennedy is one cool customer, thumbscrewing her horrors down in tight blank verse. When shall we three meet again? Why now, Little Thumbkin, now What difference the century? Read the papers. There's plenty of excuses for torture left. Pointy hats and flying brooms are the tip of an old story we've not reached the end of.
A great (and instructive) read!"
—Alice Friman

"A Witch's Dictionary is one of the most unsettling, timely, and technically marvelous new books I've read in a long, long time. Sarah Kennedy is unafraid to tackle the enormous crises of our time—war, terror, official lies--and she does so with skill, macabre wit, energy and, most of all, complexity. Sarah Kennedy has always been a poet of great skill and subtlety. This is her best book yet."
—Kevin Prufer

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