Today's poem is "please advise stop"
from the true keeps calm biding its story

Ahsahta Press

Rusty Morrison’s first poetry collection, Whethering, won the Colorado Prize for Poetry (Center for the Literary Publishing, 2004), and the manuscript of the true keeps calm biding its story was awarded the Alice Fay di Castagnola Prize for a work in progress from the Poetry Society of America. Morrison is co-publisher of Omnidawn Publishing.

Books by Rusty Morrison: the true keeps calm biding its story, ParaSpheres: Extending Beyond the Spheres of Literary and Genre Fiction: Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist Stories, Whethering

Other poems on the web by Rusty Morrison:
Three poems
"The eyes"
Three poems
[just long enough to dry my eyes and not to want to reopen them stop]
"please advise stop"

About the true keeps calm biding its story:

"Rusty Morrison’s the true keeps calm biding its story brilliantly restores the energy of telegraphic communication, launching line after line toward a potentially infinite horizon of meaning. Her careful handling of form allows knowing to remain both openly discrete and discretely open. This is a joyous read and a remarkable book."
—Peter Gizzi

"The first thing that struck me reading the true keeps calm biding its story was the fiercely peaceful aphorism that serves as title for the sequence to come. Each of the pages contains three precisely arranged three-line stanzas. Each line is broken at the justified right-hand margin with the words 'stop,' 'please,' or 'advise.' This poet puts her trust in the measure of order—order experienced as liberation. That 'stop' can be rendered infinitely open is its striking sigularity. The contemplative visionary quietism of Rusty Morrison’s work recalls the graph paintings of Agnes Martin while remaining absolutely original. I think of how perfectly they answer to William James’ description of our consciousness in the ‘different pace of its parts. Like a bird’s life . . . made of an alteration of flights and perchings."
—Susan Howe

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