Today's poem is "Love's Short Grammar"
from Readings in Ordinary Time

The Backwaters Press

Robert Bense grew up on a farm in southern Illinois. He has written poetry since 1986. His work has appeared in many magazines, including Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Salmagundi, Shenandoah, Epoch, and the New Republic. He lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with his Airedale, Rufus, and maintains a small formal garden. Readings in Ordinary Time is his first published collection.

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Books by Robert Bense: Readings in Ordinary Time

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"Looking Over My Shoulder"

About Readings in Ordinary Time:

"Robert Bense is a poet of “music across great distance.” His horizons are vast, his voice is haunting. Readings in Ordinary Time deepens each time you open it—wide-ranging, self-questioning, fully aware of the dangers of knowledge, uncompromising in its search for knowledge. This is extraordinary work."
—D. Nurkse

"Location, location, location, the title of one of the later poems in Readings in Ordinary Time proclaims, echoing the mantra of realtors and small business. But this book’s business is with prime realty that expands from the hollyhock in the dooryard to the Straits of Messina, from the Dallas 7-11 to Liu Ling’s cell “in the garden of the universe.” In what recent poetry book do we find such an intriguing geography, as well as an eclectic, eccentric, and engaging company that includes Machiavelli, Tadeusz Rosewicz and Sainte-Colombe? In a voice we come not just to trust but count on, Robert Bense invites us to read this world, this terra incognita, in all its nuances and mysteries. This is a deeply spiritual book, its serious music/changing keys, bringing to our ordinary time extraordinary powers of language."
—Christopher Bursk

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