Today's poem is "Cicatrice"
from Breaking Hearts and Traffic Lights

Salmon Poetry

Patrick Chapman was born in 1968. His previous poetry collections are Jazztown (Raven Arts Press, 1991) and The New Pornography (Salmon Poetry, 1996). He has also written a collection of short fiction, The Wow Signal (Bluechrome, 2007); an audio drama, Doctor Who: Fear of the Daleks (Big Finish, 2007); and an award-winning film, Burning the Bed (2003), which he adapted from his own published short story. Directed by Denis McArdle, the film stars Gina McKee and Aidan Gillen. In 2003, he won first prize in the story category of the Cinescape Genre Literary Contest. In 2006, he and Philip Casey founded the Irish Literary Revival website. He lives in Dublin.

Books by Patrick Chapman: Breaking Hearts and Traffic Lights, A Shopping Mall on Mars, Cicatrice, The New Pornography

Other poems on the web by Patrick Chapman:
Three poems
"Sea Of Tranquility"

Patrick Chapman's Home Page.

Patrick Chapman according to Wikipedia.

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