Today's poem is "Blue Car"
from Honorary Astronaut

Ghost Road Press

Nate Pritts is the author of Sensational Spectacular. His poems & essays have appeared in a variety of print & online journals including Southern Review, Gulf Coast, Conduit, Jacket & Rain Taxi, where he is a regular reviewer of poetry. He is also the editor of H_NGM_N, an online journal of poetry & poetics.

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March 23, 2007:   "Nocturne" "Cleaning today, I found a cricket in the house..."
March 13, 2007:   "New Year's Eve" "It's six o'clock in the evening & where I am..."

Books by Nate Pritts: Honorary Astronaut, Sensational Spectacular

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About Honorary Astronaut:

"With intense energy, vivacity of mind, and deft thought, Nate Pritts whips metaphor into the heady meringue of being so he can jump out of his own lemony birthday pie and make a romantically existential wish over all our secret monologues. Honorary Astronaut is not only vastly entertaining but so humanly important you’ve already received your invitation. Come as you are."
—Jack Myers

"Nate Pritts brings to the vast spaces of human emotion a vivid voice and an undiluted enthusiasm. Loss is a kind of joy here, filling the sky with its balloons. Passionate, playful, crafted—Honorary Astronaut settles into orbit with an exclamation point all its own!"
—Judith Kitchen

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