Today's poem is "The Feeding"
from Good Friday Kiss

C & R Press

Michelle Bitting grew up in Los Angeles. She was educated at U.C. Berkeley and in 2009, will graduate with an MFA in Poetry from Pacific University, Orgegon. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Prairie Schooner, Narrative, Crab Orchard Review, Passages North, Rattle, and Many Mountains Moving. Formerly a dancer and a chef, she devotes a portion of her time to outreach work in Los Angeles where she devotes a portion of her time to outreach work in Los Angeles where she lives with her husband, the actor, Phil Abrams, and their two children, Elijah and Vera Rose.

Books by Michelle Bitting: Good Friday Kiss, Blue Laws

Other poems on the web by Michelle Bitting:
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Michelle Bitting's Website.

About Good Friday Kiss:

"There is something about these poems that is so immediate, so unflinching, so focused and visceral in their understatement, that I was, on first reading, astonished. On second reading I was astonished and deeply moved. On third reading I was astonished, deeply moved, and filled with joy!"
—Thomas Lux

"In Good Friday Kiss, I find everything I want in a poetry book. Precise language. Daring poems. Unexpected wisdom. An ambitious range of voice and emotion. A sense of anguish and salvation. This is a first book to admire and a poet to watch"
—Virgil Suarez

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