Today's poem is "Sunday"

from Solo Café

Lawrence Raab is the author of six collections of poems, including What We Don't Know about Each Other (winner of the National Poetry Series, and a Finalist for the National Book Award), The Probable World, and most recently Visible Signs: New and Selected Poems, all published by Penguin.

Other poems by Lawrence Raab in Verse Daily:
December 6, 2002:  Small Ghost Poem "Say it's the leaves, the way they rustle..."

Books by Lawrence Raab: Visible Signs: New and Selected Poems, The Probable World, What We Don't Know about Each Other, Other Children, Collector of Cold Weather, Mysteries of the Horizon

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"Cold Spring"
Twelve poems
"The Questions Poems Ask"
Two poems
Two poems

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Other poems by Solo Café in Verse Daily:
May 5, 2006:   "The Tarrying Meeting" by Dorothy Barresi

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