Today's poem is "The Cow"
from Fifty Years: Poems 1957-2007

Salmon Poetry

Knute Skinner was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but has had a home in Ireland since 1964. He has taught at the University of Iowa and at Western Washington University, where he was a Professor of English. Retired from teaching, he lives in Killaspuglonane, County Clare with his spouse, Edna Faye Kiel. This book collects fifty years of published work, beginning with poems which first saw serial publication in 1957 and continuing through thirteen books.

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About Fifty Years: Poems 1957-2007:

"He has poems that for sheer beauty take your head off."
—John Gardner

"If you want to know how real poetry reads, buy this book, read it, and keep it."
—Leonard Blackstone

"In a time when many poets cannot resist the grand gesture, Skinnerís art is the achievement of presence in the places we go to: in field, kitchen, bar, dictionary, anecdote, joke, love bower."
—James Liddy

"This is a stunning collection, full of mystery, cross-purposes, weird and tragic characters, and should be read from start to finish."
—Aidan Murphy

"Itís worth whatever stretches might be required to put it into your personal library."
—Joseph Green

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