Today's poem is "Love Song"
from A Metaphorical God

Persea Books

Kimberly Johnson is a poet, translator, and Renaissance scholar. She is the author of a previous collection, Leviathan with a Hook, and a translation of Virgil's Georgics. Her poem appear widely in such publications as The New Yorker, Slate and The Iowa Review. Johnson has received prizes from the Merton Foundation and the Utah Arts Council, and a Creative Writing Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. She lives in Salt Lake City.

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Books by Kimberly Johnson: A Metaphorical God, Leviathan With a Hook

Other poems on the web by Kimberly Johnson:
"Marking the Lambs"

Kimberly Johnson according to Wikipedia.

About A Metaphorical God:

"When Augustine, in the seventh book of his Confessions, describes himself as dwelling in a 'region of unlikeness,' at a great conceptual distance from all he longs to behold, he is writing the genealogy of metaphor. Which no one in a century or so—no one since Emily Dickinson—has understood so dazzlingly, so kinetically as Kimberly Johnson. 'I verb impenitent,' she writes in A Metaphorical God and hold onto your hats, it's true: this poet can turn anything to action. She's a polyphonic prestidigitator, a virtuoso of the vibrant heart, and—stunning in our fallen world—a genuine metaphysician, with all the healing aptitude the word implies."
—Linda Gregerson

"Johnson has done what almost no one else has, managed to fuse high Western culture with the high country of the American West. She writes with Milton open at her elbows. . .but with the real dirt of a real Utah under her fingertips . . .Johnson's classical sensibilities—attuned not just to the classics themselves but to their resonances in English literature—help to account for verses whose tensile energies and fierce intellectual passion are stonger than in any young American poet I know."
—John Talbot

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