Today's poem is "The Blackmailer's Wife Reads History and Considers the Nature of Guilt"

from Poetry London

Judy Brown's pamphlet Pillars of Salt was published by Templar in 2006. She received the Hamish Canham Poetry Prize in 2005.

Books by Judy Brown: Pillars of Salt

Other poems on the web by Judy Brown:
Four poems

About Poetry London:
Poets in this issue: Emma Jones, Fabio Morabíto, Les Murray, Andrew Motion, Judy Brown, Ruth Valentine, Julian Turner, Ben Wilkinson, AF Harrold, Susan Burns, Stephen Knight, Gillian Allnutt, Philip Gross, Helen Mort, Carola Luther, Rhian Edwards, Jack Underwood, Daljit Nagra, Godfrey Ackers, Sam Riviere, Patricia Hann, Kathleen Jamie

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