Today's poem is "In Search of the Owl's Mirror"
from The Sleep of Four Cities

Anvil Press

Jen Currin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her wife, Christine Leclerc. She is a member of the poetry collective vertigo west.

Books by Jen Currin: The Sleep of Four Cities, Hagiography

Other poems on the web by Jen Currin:
"The Hand Is Equal Parts Healer and Fool"
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About The Sleep of Four Cities:

"'My mask hangs by a threat,' writes Jen Currin, and indeed an air of menace suffuses these brilliantly erotic and dangerous poems, Currin is a startling new talent who bears watching."
—John Ashbery

"Jen Currin is a balladeer of incongruity, a wanderer in 'the deep slums of emotion,' her poetic landscape a noisy lounge populated by the likes of new moons and salamanders, orphans and elephants, her sculpted lines falling 'over one another/like dominoes' in a relentless forward motion of exotic language and erotic imagery. From now on, Jen Currin is my 'designated dreamer.'"
—Sharon McCartney

"With these evocative and sinuous poems, The Sleep of Four Cities reminds us what it is like to fall in love with language all over again. Currin has a flawless ear and the collection moves melodically from moment to surprising moment. This debut work is something to savor and return to, a book which affirms 'there is no ordinary.'"
—Beckian Fritz Goldberg

"This new collection of poems by Jen Currin moves with an unassailable force of imagery and compassion. Small musical levers and their attenting voices greet the reader across the page in those shadowing ectasies that should describe poetry—that should be the first secretive poetry. She is a natural, is my conclusion. The book is stunning."
—Norman Dubie

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