Today's poem is "The Rhinoceros Graveyard"

from Poet Lore

James Doyle's latest book is Bending Under the Yellow Police Tapes (Steal Toe Books, 2007). He has poems coming out in The Carolina Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, Passages North, Rattle, and Southern Poetry Review.

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March 21, 2007:   "All That Glitters Is Gold" "Wine flask, beer cans..."
January 15, 2007:   "Among the Most Recent Projectiles" " storming the sky is the earth...."
January 24, 2004:  "After the Harvest" "We step over and between apples..."
September 4, 2003:  "Luxembourg Gardens at Twilight" "If I lived in the nineteenth century..."

Books by James Doyle: Einstein Considers a Sand Dune

Other poems on the web by James Doyle:

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