Today's poem is "Death by Wind"

from Five Points

Gerald Stern's poems published here will appear in Save the Last Dance, forthcoming from Norton in May, 2008.

Other poems by Gerald Stern in Verse Daily:
January 10, 2007:   "Studebaker" " Try a small black radio from any year..."
August 28, 2002:  "Justice" "Only, to hear him scream, you had to know..."

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Other poems on the web by Gerald Stern:
Seven poems
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Two poems
Two poems
"Blue Sheets"
"96 Vandam"
"Hot Dog"
"Les Neiges d'Antan"
"Pennsylvania Bio"

Gerald Stern according to Wikipedia.

About Five Points:

About Five Points:

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Editor: David Bottoms
Other poems by Five Points in Verse Daily:
November 11, 2007:   "Disciplines" by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks
November 7, 2007:   "Heart Poem" by Mary Oliver
November 5, 2007:   "Easeful Death" by Kim Addonizio
March 18, 2006:   "After a Month of Rain" by Linda Pastan
October 28, 2005:   "Gone" by Malena Mörling
October 27, 2005:   "Fears" Rodney Jones
October 26, 2005:   "Flamingo Film" Dave Smith
October 24, 2005:   "October Storm" David Baker
May 8, 2005:  "Riding" Robert W. Hill
May 5, 2005:  "Vessel" Cecily Parks
May 2, 2005:  "Heavenly" Mary Oliver
October 23, 2004:  "Unsound Ship" by Medbh McGuckian
September 19, 2003:  "No Shelter" by Ann Townsend

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