Today's poem is "For a Senior Killed on Prom Night"
from Easy Marks

David Robert Books

Gail White's latest book is The Price of Everything from Mellen Poetry Press. She also co-edited The Muse Strikes Back (Story Line Press) and edited Landscapes with Women (Singular Speech Press).

Other poems by Gail White in Verse Daily:
September 19, 2005:   "Would-Be Pastoral Elegy" " Spring's back again, riding a surge of death...."

Books by Gail White: Easy Marks, Ignoble Truths, The Price of Everything, Landscapes With Women: 4 American Poets, The Muse Strikes Back: A Poetic Response by Women to Men

Other poems on the web by Gail White:
Four poems
"The Gypsy Woman Tells Your Fortune"
"The Glamor"
Thirteen poems

Gail White's Home Page.

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