Today's poem is "The Dead"

from Southern Poetry Review

Fleda Brown. Newark. DE. Six books of poetry. Most recent: Reunion (U. of Wisconsin Press, 2007)

All the poems by Fleda Brown that have appeared on Verse Daily:
August 27, 2008:   "Scavengers" "They're out there rattling their trailers..."
October 25, 2006:   "Trillium" " The universe prefers..."
December 2, 2005:   "Under The Eaves" " Two cottage mice: one trapped, neck snapped..."
August 3, 2005:   "The Death of Cleone "Of course she mistook..."
September 20, 2004:  "Indian River Inlet" "March: nothing here but a blank Tinkertoy city of docks..."
August 20, 2003:  "Water Rising" "When the polar ice caps melt..."

For Books by Fleda Brown click here.

Other poems on the web by Fleda Brown:
Two poems
"Road to Damascus"
Two poems
Three poems

Fleda Brown's Home Page.

About Southern Poetry Review:
Poets in this issue: Lavonne Adams, John Bargowski, Fleda Brown, Debra Bruce, Beverly Burch, Kevin Cantwell, Isaac Cates, Richard Cecil, Fleda Brown, Bill Bhristophersen, Todd Christopher Cincala, Ted Cornwell, Brett DeFries, James Doyle, Rebecca Dunham, Linda Elkin, William Greenway, Bill Griffin, Barbara Hamby, Holly Karapetkova, Joseph Landi, Jennifer Maier, Adrianne Marcus, Michael McFee, Barbara J. McGrath, Lee Rossi, Kate Schmitt, James Scruton, Vivian Shipley, Marcus Smith, R. T. Smith, Liamme Spidel, Rob Talbert, Justin Vicari, Sidney Wade, David Wagoner, Steven Winn, Joseph Zaccardi

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Editor: Robert Parham
Other poems by Southern Poetry Review in Verse Daily:

December 18, 2008:   "Barter" by Michael Chitwood
October 30, 2006:   "Revival" by Jeannette Barnes
October 25, 2006:   "Trillium" by Fleda Brown

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