Today's poem is "Spoke"
from What Sound Does It Make

Concrete Wolf

Erin Malone's poems have appeared in numerous literary journals including Beloit, Rhino, Field, Diagram, and Verse Daily. She has taught writing at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Seattle's Richard Hugo House, and University of Washington Rome Center. She lives in Seattle with her husband and son.

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October 21, 2008:   "Spoke" "O potato, freckled-in-rows-of-four-where-pierced..."
April 11, 2007:   "Anniversary" " You're the icing. I'm the swarm of candles..."
March 24, 2007:   "Directions" "Stranger, one whole side..."

Books by Erin Malone: What Sound Does It Make

Other poems on the web by Erin Malone:
Three poems
"Sweet Pea Preschool of the Arts"

About What Sound Does It Make:

"What Sound Does It Make roars its fragile strength. "Make stand bold." Brave and fearful at once, these poems know that courage is found in the cracks of ceiling or skull, the "distance between points," "the space between the rungs." They lead with clarity past love's flaws or edges, skirting disaster. We hear the tinkling celestina of shattering glass as they crack open life and examine its pieces: "I pressed my eyes in place. // We left Rome burning." "If her mind weren't so wild": I applaud What Sound Does it Make."
—Janet Norman Knox

"From its opening lines, 'I think I'm all right again, / I said, after two glasses // of red . . .' to the very last image '. . . He ruffles & /I dig my feet into the dents he made,' Erin Malone's What Sound Does It Make captivates with lyrical language and acute personal truth. These are poems of intense concentration and deeply focused emotion. Motherhood is the chiaroscuro geography through which the speaker navigates. This journey of self through other and self toward other is heroic, germane, and poignant."
—Lana Hechtman Ayers

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