Today's poem is "The Book of Sleep"
from The Book of Sleep

Carnegie Mellon University Press

Eleanor Stanfordís other collections are Sustenance (1998 Colorado Book Award Finalist) and No Accident (winner of the 2006 Nebraska Book Award and the Balcones Poetry Prize). He lives in southern Colorado.

Books by Eleanor Stanford: The Book of Sleep

Other poems on the web by Eleanor Stanford:
Three poems
"The Book of Sleep (XXV)"

About The Book of Sleep:

"Wonderfully hypnotic, The Book of Sleep is a visually powerful, spiritual journey through landscapes of human and natural worlds and of lands kept hidden from clear consciousness. The language and subject matter build into a beautiful hymnal to the light we can embrace and the darkness that indelibly surrounds us."
—Susan Hahn

"'We all begin as immigrants,' writes Eleanor Stanford in The Book of Sleep, a collection of poetry festooned with dreams, nightmares, and otherworldliness. Her poetry is full of history "of people, of countries, of shifting continents" and how we collide. Her generous vision, her wide scope, is all the more engaging because of her attention to both strange and wonderful details. The Book of Sleep is simply enchanting."
—Denise Duhamel

"Eleanor Stanford's The Book of Sleep brings us a bold lyric voice-so sure of itself in debut! And why not? A newborn child and sleep (and sleeplessness)-these are themes to hymn. And add a stint in the Cape Verde Islands with the Peace Corps and these lyrics have richness galore-the texture of the world experienced in its glory and plenitude, observed and celebrated by a subtle intelligence."
—Gregory Orr

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