Today's poem is "Cantilevered Bedtime Story"

from The Iowa Review

Deborah Bogen's first book of poems, Landscape With Silos, published by Texas Review Press in 2006, was a National Poetry Series Finalist in 2004 and won the 2005 X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize. Her poetry and reviews appear widely in journals like Shenandoah, The Gettysburg Review, The Georgia Review and Margie. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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March 28, 2004:  "Moving the Moon" "I'm not interested in the shaggy horse..."

Books by Deborah Bogen: Landscape With Silos

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Three poems
"Call to Poets"
"Waiting to Write the Great American Poem"
"At the Whitney"

Deborah Bogen's Home Page.

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