Today's poem is "We End, Like Galileo"
from This Dirty Little Heart

Eastern Washington University Press

B. T. Shaw grew up in central Ohio near her great-grandparents' homestead. Now settled in Portland with her husband and children, she edits the poetry column for The Oregonian and teaches writing and literature at Portland State University and the University of Portland , as well as through writers-in-the-schools programs. Her poems have appeared in AGNI, FIELD, Orion, Poetry Northwest, the Seattle Review, Tin House, and Willow Springs. She holds a BS from the University of Oregon and a MFA from the University of Washington. This Dirty Little Heart is her first book.

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Books by B. T. Shaw: This Dirty Little Heart

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"Galileo in Florence"

About This Dirty Little Heart:

"These poems are works of immediately evident force. The telling in them is everything, and the voice that speaks them is new. Never regular, the language is itself part of the story. . . . These are poems born of what stays with us, from those raw things that are, quite simply, beyond memory."
—Alberto Ríos

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