Today's poem is "Tuning Fork"

from Subtropics

Bruce Bond's most recent books include Cinder, The Throats of Narcissus, Radiography, The Anteroom of Paradise, Independence Days, and Blind Rain. He is a professor at University of North Texas and poetry editor for American Literary Review.

All the poems by Bruce Bond that have appeared on Verse Daily:
June 26, 2008:   "Scar" "What is it you forget in your vigil..."
May 8, 2008:   "Will" "To the locusts that blur the lyres of their shells..."
April 16, 2008:   "Elegy for Tim Buckley" "Scat singing for the sleep deprived..."
July 8, 2007:   "Confessions of a Music Box" " No larger than a bird coffin..."
August 25, 2006:   "Black Iris" " Dear guitar, my Cyclops, my raft..."
August 14, 2006:   "Planetarium" " As the mobile of planets wheeled over my crib..."
April 18, 2004:  "The Ghost of Weather" "My father takes smaller steps..."
March 30, 2004:  "Rehearsals for the New Order" "The courthouse is empty now ablaze..."
October 12, 2002:  "The Chimneys" "After the fire the monoliths of brick..."
July 23, 2002:  "Mercy" "Dear happiness, forgive me..."

Books by Bruce Bond: Blind Rain, The Anteroom of Paradise, Cinder, The Throats of Narcissus, Independence Days, The possible, Radiography,

Other poems on the web by Bruce Bond:
"Thelonious Sphere Monk"
"Cruor Dei"
"The Invention of Song"

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July 22, 2008:   "Bicycling from Todtnauberg" by Suzanne Zweizig

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