Today's poem is "Will"
from Blind Rain

Louisiana State University Press

Bruce Bond, a jazz and classical guitarist, is professor of English at University of North Texas and the author of five previous poetry collections, including Cinder, The Throats of Narcissus, Radiography, The Anteroom of Paradise, and Independence Days.

All the poems by Bruce Bond that have appeared on Verse Daily:
April 16, 2008:   "Elegy for Tim Buckley" "Scat singing for the sleep deprived..."
July 8, 2007:   "Confessions of a Music Box" " No larger than a bird coffin..."
August 25, 2006:   "Black Iris" " Dear guitar, my Cyclops, my raft..."
August 14, 2006:   "Planetarium" " As the mobile of planets wheeled over my crib..."
April 18, 2004:  "The Ghost of Weather" "My father takes smaller steps..."
March 30, 2004:  "Rehearsals for the New Order" "The courthouse is empty now ablaze..."
October 12, 2002:  "The Chimneys" "After the fire the monoliths of brick..."
July 23, 2002:  "Mercy" "Dear happiness, forgive me..."

Books by Bruce Bond: Blind Rain, The Anteroom of Paradise, Cinder, The Throats of Narcissus, Independence Days, The possible, Radiography,

Other poems on the web by Bruce Bond:
"Thelonious Sphere Monk"
"Cruor Dei"
"The Invention of Song"

About Blind Rain:

"Bruce Bond is one of our generation's best poets."
—Laura Kasischke

"A moving tribute to the power of music and the sensual life of the mind."
—Dorianne Laux

"No poet writes about music better than Bruce Bond, and there are not many who can, poem after poem, combine such lucidity with such lyrical intensity. Blind Rain is a triumph of a book, a realized pursuit of language that frames and limns the deeply felt and the elusive."
—Stephen Dunn

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