Today's poem is "The Welcoming"
from Unmentionables

W. W. Norton

Beth Ann Fennelly is the author of Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother and Tender Hooks, praised by Albert Goldbarth for its "deep smarts, high spirits, and dead-on kick-ass language." Her first book, Open House, won the 2001 Kenyon Review Prize and was a Book Sense Top Ten poetry pick. A professor of English at the University of Mississippi, Fennelly lives with her husband and children in Oxford, Mississippi.

Books by Beth Ann Fennelly: Unmentionables, Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother, Tender Hooks, Open House

Other poems on the web by Beth Ann Fennelly:
Two poems
"Say You Waved: A Dream Song Cycle"
"I Need to Be More French. Or Japanese."

About Unmentionables:

"With its high spirits, its love of textures of different kinds of writing, its search for ways to frame ambitious energies ... Fennelly's poetry advances with a determination to keep the author interested and alive to her materials; in places amused with itself and hopscotching, in places veering into unexpected depths ... an immensely lively performance."
—Robert Hass

"Fennelly approaches language with playfulness and reverence, heady with possibilities, wary of dilution."
—Tim Rauschenberger

"Beth Ann Fennelly's poems are consistently dramatic, complex in their perceptions and formal unfolding, and enthralled with language ... genuinely outstanding."
Harvard Review

"Fennelly's poems aren't mannered, needless to say. They're plain, funny, and raw."
Nick Hornby

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