Today's poem is "Red"

from Gulf Coast

Allan Peterson is the author of two books—All the Lavish in Common (2005 Juniper Prize) and Anonymous Or (Defined Providence Press Prize)—and four chapbooks. Recent print and online appearances include Gettysburg Review, Gulf Coast, Bat City Review, Salamander, Boston Review, Qarrtsiluni, and Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry.

All the poems by Allan Peterson that have appeared on Verse Daily:
October 13, 2008:   "Over a Ballpoint" "They are afraid they said..."
July 1, 2007:   "Matter and Disappearance" " I know my heart brings me missiles..."
April 8, 2003:  "The Totality of Facts" "The laughing gull that flew behind the fencepost..."

Books by Allan Peterson: Anonymous Or, All the Lavish in Common

Other poems on the web by Allan Peterson:
Five poems
"The Rabbit Soprano"
"The Small Gods"
Three poems
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Sixteen poems
"The Uses of Nature"
Four poems
any given moment: an electronic chapbook

About Gulf Coast:

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Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Art * Department of English * University of Houston * Houston, TX 77204-3013
Poetry Editors: Paul Otremba, Brian Russell and Kent Shaw
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June 14, 2008:   "Morality" by Susie Meserve
June 10, 2008:   "First Date, and Still Very, Very Lonely" by Brenda Shaughnessy
March 10, 2008:   "Reclamation" by Bob Hicok

March 9, 2008:   "Parable of a Blade of Grass" by Roger Reeves
April 18, 2005:  "Sonnet" by Karen Volkman
April 4, 2005:  "Figures We're Meant to Believe In" by George Looney
March 14, 2005:  "The Museum of Being Born" by Jennifer Militello

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