Today's poem is "Shaggy's Soul Food Open Soon, Said the Sign outside of Tallulah"
from Big Muddy River of Stars

The University of Akron Press

Alison Pelegrin is the author of The Zydeco Tablets (Word Press, 2002) as well as three chapbooks. Her poems have been featured on The Writerís Almanac, and in dozens of literary journals such as Poetry, Ploughshares, Shenandoah, and The Southern Review. The recipient of fellowships from the Louisiana Division of the Arts and the NEA, she was a Tennessee Williams Scholar at the Sewanee Writersí Conference. She teaches English at Southeastern Louisiana University and lives in Mandeville, Louisiana with her family.

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Books by Alison Pelegrin: Big Muddy River of Stars, The Zydeco Tablets, Squeezers, Dancing with One-Armed Man

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"In Livingston Parish, Dreaming of Li Po"
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"Alone, Drinking With the Tickfaw River"

Alison Pelegrin's Blog.

About Big Muddy River of Stars:

"With Li Po as her muse, and a subject matter ranging from home-wreckers, honky-tonks, and jackalopes to post-Katrina tragedy and survival, Iím afraid Iím stumped to find a fitting figure for the utterly unique voice of Alison Pelegrin in Big Muddy River of Stars. Dorothy Parker by way of Brother Dave Gardner? Some unearthly brew of Amy Clampitt, Pearl Bailey, and the saucier at Antoineís? Words fail me, but certainly not Pelegrin, who writes some of the jazziest, high-velocity, funny, serious, and, if I may say so without causing the keepers of the gates of high culture to wet their pants, entertaining poetry I have read in a long time. For those who hate poetry, try this book. For those who love poetry, this is your lucky day."
—B. H. Fairchild

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