Today's poem is "An Explanation"

from New Letters

Albert Goldbarth's The Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems 1972-2007 (Graywolf, 2007) received the Milt Kessler Book Award and was a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist. Graywolf Press will publish To Be Read in 500 Years in summer 2009.

Other poems by Albert Goldbarth in Verse Daily:
September 5, 2005:   "Off in the darkness hourses moved restlessly" "We believed they were horses; and so..."
January 10, 2005:  "How Else Today" "That justly famous scene where all the monster..."

Books by Albert Goldbarth: What Is This Thing Called Love, Tell Me, Jimmy & Rita, The Philosopher's Club, The Poet's Companion, My Dreams Out in the Street, Little Beauties

Other poems on the web by Albert Goldbarth:
Five poems
Nineteen poems
"Dial H for 'Hero'"
"The Craft Lecture to the Creative Writers..."
"The Scene Before"

Albert Goldbarth according to Wikipedia.

About New Letters:
Poets in this issue: Rawdon Tomlinson, Rika Lesser, Nancy White, Michael Joyce, Ann Snodgrass, Patricia Clark, Dante Alighieri, Mary Jo Bang, Willis Barnstone, Albert Goldbarth, Bill Ellison, Leon Stokesbury, Leslie Adrienne

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Other poems from New Letters in Verse Daily:
December 13, 2007:   "My Heart" by Kim Addonizio
December 11, 2007:   "Uncles (Play)" by Kevin Young
November 24, 2007:   "Watermelon" by Alice Friman
June 9, 2007:   "Aware of Angels" by Mark Jarman
February 20, 2007:   "The Deer" by Michael Chitwood
February 17, 2007:   "Nighties" by Maria Mazziotti Gillan
September 23, 2006:   "Aurora Borealis" by Mary Jo Salter
May 29, 2006:   "Quail" by Dore Kiesselbach
November 23, 2005:   "Migration" by Brian Swann
May 15, 2005:  "Water Walking Stick" Stuart Friebert
May 7, 2005:  "The Small Toe" Linda Hogan
January 12, 2005:  "Awaiting the Return Ferry" by Nance Van Winckel
January 10, 2005:  "How Else Today" by Albert Goldbarth
September 29, 2004:  "Of Unsent Letters, One" by Jill Osier
September 28, 2004:  "Go" and "Gone" by Mark Irwin
September 26, 2004:  "Houses Made Only of Entrance" by Abe Louise Young
September 24, 2004:  "After Eden" by Linda Pastan
May 16, 2004:  "Wild Things in a Dream" by Heather Ross Miller
January 21, 2004:  "With Two Camels and One Donkey" by Robin Becker
July 25, 2003:  "Meridian" by Mia Leonin
May 26, 2003:  "The Flag of My Disposition" by Elaine Sexton
April 14, 2003:  "On the Holy Friar Crossing a Suspension Bridge to Paradise" by Joanna Goodman
February 3, 2003:  "Passing Through the Shadows Of Great Buildings" by Nance Van Winckel
January 6, 2003:  "Bid Me Be the Bird" by Nance Van Winckel
September 26, 2002:  "The Sacrifice" by Jim Simmerman

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