Today's poem is "The Halo Factory"
from Milwaukee Does Strange Things to People

The Backwaters Press

Susan Firer grew up along the western shore of Lake Michigan, where she now lives, writes, and works. She is the author of four previous books of poetry. Her third book, The Lives ofthe Saints and Every,thing, won the Cleveland State Poetry Prize and the Posner Award. Her fourth book, The Laugh We Make When We Fall, won the Backwaters Prize. Her work has appeared in numerous magazine and anthologies, including The Best American Poetry, Georgia Review, New American Writing, Prairie Schooner, Chicago Review, Iowa Review, Lungfull!, jubilat, Court Green, and others. For many years she worked with the Great Lakes Poem Band, a collaborative effort joining poems and music. Recently, two of her poems were used as texts for pieces choreographed by Janet Lilly and performed at St. Mark's in the Bowery.

Other poems by Susan Firer in Verse Daily:
December 14, 2002:  Commom Name: Scilla "Under the slingshot birches..."
November 13, 2002:  "Opening the Rain" "We return covered with the carnivalesque..."

Books by Susan Firer: Milwaukee Does Strange Things to People, The Laugh We Make When We Fall, The Lives of the Saints and Everything, The Underground Communion Rail

Other poems on the web by Susan Firer:
Three poems
"Night Games"
"All Souls Day"
"70 Below Wind Chill"

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