Today's poem is "Horse-Boat"
from Dummy Fire

Saturnalia Books

Sarah Vap was raised in Missoula, Montana, and currently lives in Phoenix where she teaches for the Young Writers Program at Arizona State University. She is the author of American Spikenard (University of Iowa Press, 2007).

Books by Sarah Vap: Dummy Fire, American Spikenard

Other poems on the web by Sarah Vap:
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About Dummy Fire:

"Dummy Fire is a riveting book, remarkable for its ferocious economy of form, its landscape-haunted, but wide-ranging field of reference, and its explosive implication. The poems often have the pressurized inventiveness of a curse or a protective spell and like a curse or spell, they lay bare the vulnerabilities of the body. Sarah Vap combines an utterly unsentimental domestic tenderness with an attentiveness to the lives of plants and animals that never approaches ‘nature poetry’ because it never seems separated from that realm. With its laconic, purposively innovative adjustments of language, Dummy Fire stands out."
—Forrest Gander

"From the verses of gnostic antiquity to Whitman's drawn chorus of lading, from winter wilderness to the dazzling volunteering imagery of her solitary voice, Sarah Vap startles again and again with a quiet, hermetic originality that American poetry has never succesfully supported before—she is brilliant and something entirely new under the sun."
—Norman Dubie

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