Today's poem is "Tread-softly (Cnidoscolus stimulosus)"
from Inflorescence

Tupelo Press

Sarah Hannahís first book, Longing Distance (Tupelo Press, 2004) was a semi-finalist for the Yale Younger Poets Prize. Her poems have appeared in many journals including, Parnassus, The Southern Review, The Havard Review, AGNI, The Michigan Quarterly Review, Western Humanities Review, Boulevard, Gulf Coast, Crab Orchard Review, and Ibbetson Street, and have been featured on Verse Daily. She grew up in Newton, MA. and until her death in May 2007, taught poetry writing and literature at Emerson College.

All the poems by Sarah Hannah that have appeared on Verse Daily:
August 2, 2007:   "Haruspicy" " In good old Greece, to read futures in entrails..."
July 12, 2007:   "The Riddle of the Sphinx Moth" " An enormous body kamikaze-dives..."
October 16, 2006:   "At Last, Fire Seen As a Psychotic Break" " It begins in the crux of beam and insulation..."
October 6, 2004:  "Destroying Angel (Amanita virosa)" "I'm way in, way in you, Mushroom..."
April 29, 2003:  "For the Fog Horn When There Is No Fog" "Still sounding in full sun past the jetty..."

Books by Sarah Hannah: Inflorescence, Longing Distance

Other poems on the web by Sarah Hannah:
Three poems

About Inflorescence:

"In her second book, Sarah Hannah confronts the monumental task of distilling the experience of her mother's terminal illness into a sequence of poems dense with meaning and musics. . . In the title poem, the final gasp of intimate terror is a rare, truly authentic moment in our contemporary poetry—stunning!"
—Chad Sweeney

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