Today's poem is "What a Boy Lies Awake Wondering"
from Ripening

Silverfish Review Press

Paul Hunter has been poet, teacher, performer, playwright, musician, instrument-maker, artist, editor, publisher, grassroots arts activist, worker on the land, and shade-tree mechanic. For the past twelve years he has produced fine letterpress books under the imprint of Wood Works-currently including 23 books and 5o broadsides. His poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Bloomsbury Review, Iowa Review, North American Review, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Raven Chronicles and The Southern Review, as well as in three full-length books and several chapbooks. Recipient of the 1998 Pym Cup, the 1999 Nelson Bentley Award, and the 2005 Washington Book Award, he lives and works in Seattle.

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Books by Paul Hunter: Ripening, Breaking Ground,

About Ripening:

"Ripening is a full landscape of poems packed with live beings dancing to the tunefulness of change. These true poems show an America before Agribiz: men, boys, a few acutely cherished girls, all workers, enduring winter till it topples over into spring among wells and woodlots in their strenuous beauty, harsh and worthy is visionary and realistic. It stretches thought toward our unmediated selves, here caught 'just in time."
—Marie Ponsot

"The distinctive rhythms of Ripening lend a driving, contemporary edge to Paul Hunter's deeply rooted images and absorbing stories of a grounded life near the land. This ripe, rich book offers many nourishing pleasures."
—Annie Finch

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