Today's poem is "Seduction With Entropy"

from Pebble Lake Review

Paul Guest is the author of two books of poems, The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World, winner of the 2002 New Issues Poetry Prize, and Notes for My Body Double, winner of the 2006 Prairie Schooner Prize. His chapbook, Exit Interview, was recently published by New Michigan Press.

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May 12, 2003:  "Apogean" "All this floating is ridiculous, and the stars..."
April 10, 2003:  "The Flesh" "Walking to get medicine / for a pet, I am tempted..."
February 13, 2003:  "The Advent of Zero" "I know that someday you will tire of everything..."
August 15, 2002:  "The Last Words of Alice the Goon" "Understand me now: the light is lace..."

Books by Paul Guest: The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World, Notes for My Body Double

Other poems on the web by Paul Guest:
Eight Poems
"Seven Poems"
Three Poems
"Donald Duck's Lament"

Paul Guest's Blog.

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August 26, 2005:   "Ocean" and "Origins" " Wendy Wisner
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