Today's poem is "Transmissions"

from Burnside Review

Nathan Hoks has recently published poems in Crazyhorse, CutBank, Octopus Magazine, and LIT. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Other poems on the web by Nathan Hoks:
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"Cow RuminatingóDitto Donkey"
"Chaos Anaxagoras"
"Radio Station"
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"Remove the Coils"

About Burnside Review:
Poets in this issue: Roberto Juarroz, Jennifer Merriffield, James Capozzi, Anne Heide, Paul Guest, Larissa Szporluk, Gabe Adoff, Adam Baz, Alberto Rios, Paul Legault, Sarah Cohen, Georges Godeau, Michael Szporluk, Brooklyn Copeland, Lesile Jamison, Adam Baz, Blake Butler, Katie Cappello, John Mann, Nathan Hoks, Travis Brown, Ben Lerner, Dick Allen, Andrew Michael Roberts, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Zanni Schauffler

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April 5, 2007:   "White" by Jessica Johnson
April 3, 2007:   "The Strange Girl Asked Politely to be Called Princess" by Kate Nuernberger

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