Today's poem is "This Late in Love"
from How Else To Love the World

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Myrna Stoneís poetry has appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, TriQuarterly, and Boston Review, and over three dozen other journals. She is the recipient of two Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowships in Poetry as well as a Full Fellowship to Vermont Studio Center. In 2001, the Ohio Poetry Day Association named her Ohio Poet of the Year for her first book, The Art of Loss, Michigan State University Press.

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Books by Myrna Stone: How Else to Love the World , Art of Loss

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About How Else To Love the World:

"... the reader is increasingly aware of falling under the spell of a poet whose relationship with the world is passionate, even romantic—lover and beloved-and whose Way With Ianguage is sensuous, often erotic, and palpably physical."
—B. H. Fairchild

"Reading Stone, I think of John Donne. Like him, she delights in wit and desire and the sweet coupling of word and word."
—Elton Glaser

"Through formal gestures and Voluptuous Myrna Stone praises the pleasures of the world, whether they arise from 'the body's ambition' or from the mind aroused by discipline and art. How Else to Love the World is a book of fierce and passionate."
—Michael Waters

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