Today's poem is "Last Days of Orpheus"
from Field Knowledge

The Waywiser Press

Morri Creech was born in Moncks Corner, South Carolina in 1970, and was educated at Winthrop University and McNeese State University. He currently lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana with his daughter Hattie and teaches in the MFA Program at McNeese State University. His poems have appeared in Poetry, The New Criterion, The New Republic, The Southwest Review, The Hudson Review, Crazyhorse, Critical Quarterly, Sewanee Review, Southern Review, and elsewhere. He has published one previous poetry collection, Paper Cathedrals (Kent State University Press, 2001), and, in collaboration with the photographer Robert ParkeHarrison, two museum-quality limited editions (21st). He has received the Stan and Tom Wick Award from Kent State University Press, a $15,000 Ruth Lilly Fellowship from Poetry Magazine and the Modern Poetry Foundation, an artist's fellowship from The Louisiana Division of the Arts, and has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Other poems by Morri Creech in Verse Daily:
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About Field Knowledge:

"There are austere poets whose very distance from the world and whose reticent style create a tension that brings the experience described and the poem enacted into a sharper, more heartbreaking focus. And there are luxuriant poets — poets like Keats and Whitman and Hopkins — for whom the world’s bounty and the heart’s bottomless mysteries spill over into lines that almost burst with excess. Morri Creech is a luxuriant, but a canny one ... [H]e has made a book in which a reader can both lose and find himself. Field Knowledge is a rare achievement, and a lasting one."
—J. D. McClatchy

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