Today's poem is "Sweet Pea's Lament"

from The Listening Eye

Mitchell Metz of Oconomowoc, WI, writes and plays hockey. He recently won "Best of Issue" in Rockford Review and has had work in Southern Poetry Review, Pearl, Birmingham Poetry Review, and South Carolina Review.

All the poems by Mitchell Metz that have appeared on Verse Daily:
April 29, 2007:   "Brought to You by the Letter Ox , Or: Why I Want my Son to Remain Illiterate" " We took the ox from Egypt..."

Other poems on the web by Mitchell Metz:
"St. Patrick's Horn"
"Night Mare"
Three poems
"Navel Gazers"
"A Bad Thing Indeed"
"Mmm Mmm Good"
"No Gomer Claus"
"Real Clowns"

About The Listening Eye:

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