Today's poem is "Xochi's Tale"

from Alehouse

Maxine Kumin won the Pulitzer Prize for Up Country (Harper & Row 1972). Her most recent collection is Jack and Other New Poems (Norton, 2005). She and her husband live on a farm in New Hampshire.

About Alehouse:
Poets in this issue: Robert Allen, Jr, JP Anderson, Matthew James Babcock, Albert Capovilla, Carli Carrara, Susan Cohen, MR Cohn, Billy Collins, JP Dancing Bear, Carol Dine, Jeannine Dobbs, Stephen Dunn, Robert Eastwood, Lynnell Edwards, Barbara Elovic, Dave Engeldrum, Gail Rudd Entrekin, Leah Epstein, Erich Erving, Karin Evans, Catherine Fraga, Ross Gay, Elton Glaser, Alisa Gordaneer, Leo Haber, Steve Halle, Kate Emily Harris, Joseph Hart, Rebecca L Hilliker, Margaret J Hoehn, Glenna Holloway, Alice Jay, Allison Joseph, Rich Kenney, Susan Kenyon, Miriam N Kotzin, Andrew Kozma, Maxine Kumin, Joyce E Latham, Laura LeHew, Julianna McCarthy, Paula McLain, Robin Metz, Jace Miller, Mimi Moriarty, Greg Nicholl, David Offutt, Patricia O’Hara, Mwatabu S Okantah, Lisa Ortiz, Ellen Peckham, Floyd Skloot, Jeanine Stevens, Audrey VanDenberg, Jeff Walt, Michael Waters, Irene Willis, Zayra Yves

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Editor: Jay Rubin

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