Today's poem is "Planting Dahlias with a Pick-Ax"
from The Highwayman's Wife

Red Hen Press

Lynnell Edwards is the author of The Farmer's Daughter (2003). Her work has also appeared in Poets Against the War; Raising Our Voices: Oregon Poets Against the War; and numerous literary journals including: Poems & Plays, Southern Poetry Review, Poetry East, and Dos Passos Review. She is a regular reviewer for The Georgia Review, Pleiades, and Rain Taxi. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky where she teaches at the University of Louisville. She received her doctorate in English at the University of Louisville and her undergraduate degree at Centre College in Kentucky.

All the poems by Lynnell Edwards that have appeared on Verse Daily:
April 7, 2006:   "Me, The Wife: Versions of Medusa" " One day it will come to this..."

Books by Lynnell Edwards: The Highwayman's Wife, The Farmer's Daughter

Other poems on the web by Lynnell Edwards:
"To Rake Leaves"
"The Offices of Flowers"

Lynnell Edwards's Home Page.

About The Highwayman's Wife:

"What a wicked pleasure the poems of Lynnell Edwards are, with their saucy boldness, their wild feminine bravada, their sly rhymes and clattering consonants. In The Highwayman s Wife, Edwards reinterprets old myths and legends, twists the old formal strategies, undomesticates domesticity, mixes drinks, plants dahlias with a pick-axe, and laments and resurrects — 'laughing,bitter, bright' — the wench."
—Cecilia Woloch

"With this second book of poems, Lynnell Edwards establishes a strong reputation not only as a poet of gargantuan love for life and the world her personna's live and breath, but as a consumate master craftperson. This is an exhubarant, lust-for-life inundated collection that makes for an intoxicating tapestry of voices and landscapes, from California to Kentucky. Her poems show great maturity, elegance, and above all an incredible grace for language and gift of detail. I could not put this book down for fear of stopping her song To read this book is to fall in love with the world all over again."
—Virgil Suarez

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