Today's poem is "Song of the Turtle Unburrowing"
from Slope of the Child Everlasting

BOA Editions, Ltd.

Laurie Kutchins is the author of Between Towns (Texas Tech University Press) and The Night Path, which received the inaugural Isabella Gardner Poetry Award from BOA Editions, Ltd. in 1997. Her poems and nonfiction have appeared widely in journals and anthropologies, including The Georgia Review, The New Yorker, Ploughshares, The Kenyon Review, LIT, and The Southern Review. She teaches in the creative writing program at James Madison University in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, at the Taos Summer Writers Conference, and summers along the Wyoming-Idaho border.

Books by Laurie Kutchins: Slope of the Child Everlasting, The Night Path, Between Towns

Other poems on the web by Laurie Kutchins:
"The Voice Outside"

Laurie Kutchinsaccording to Wikipedia.

About Slope of the Child Everlasting:

"There's a shimmering in Laurie Kutchins' poems, as if the surfaces of their experience with the familiars of nature and memory were thin sheets of the unalloyed shaken. Even when she seems to be saying it straight, the light is bent, refractive, and made more brilliant at the angle. The angular tensions in her long, personal, ancestral narrative are no less bright with life."
—Stanley Plumly

"The voice of the poems in Slope of the Child Everlasting is fierce and compassionate. Kutchins' subtle language is akin to the subtle light depicted in her excellent poem 'The Light We Winter Under''Hard to tell if it's fire or water, a flame or a tear...' That's one of the pleasures of the book. Like a winter sun, the penetrating light of this poetry both soothes and disturbs, embraces and rejects. This is radiant poetry and true."
—Pattiann Rogers

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