Today's poem is "On Divination by Birds"

from Harvard Review

Kimberly Johnson's first poetry collection, Leviathan with a Hook (Persea Books), appeared in 2002, and her second is being completed with the support of an NEA Creative Writing Fellowship. She has recent or forthcoming work in The New Yorker, the Iowa Review, Arion, and elsewhere.

Other poems by Kimberly Johnson in Verse Daily:
January 2, 2007:   "Easter, Looking Westward" " The stars! the stars have fled the sky!..."
July 9, 2003:  "Sonnet" "No seduction in the hothouse, its aisles..."

About Harvard Review:
Poets in this issue: Stephen Burt, Bronwen Densmore, Todd Hearon, William Logan, Kimberly Johnson, Allison Seay, Jeffrey Levine, Carmen Bugan, Tedi López Mills, Emily Scudder, Marilyn Chin, Rachel Conrad, Tom Daley, Rebecca Kaiser Gibson, John Hennessy, Mike Perrow, Janet Sylvester, Sarah White, Stephen Sturgeon, Ivan Blatný, Chad Parmenter, Pura López Colomé, Brendan Galvin, Stephen Sandy, Robert Wrigley, Daniel Hall, Harris Gardner

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