Today's poem is "Mule"
from Telegraph

Pavement Saw

Kaya Oakes' work has appeared in Conduit, Volt, MiPoesias, Coconut, Shampoo, and many other journals. The recipient of awards and grants from the Academy of American Poets and the Bay Area Writing Project, she is also the senior editor of Kitchen Sink Magazine, and she teaches writing at the University of California, Berkeley.

Books by Kaya Oakes: Telegraph

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"The Terrible Reckoning"
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Kaya Oakes's Home Page.

Kaya Oakes's Blog.

About Telegraph:

"First books often offer versions of resurrection and Kaya Oakes' moving debut in Telegraph charts a coming back to life with uncompromising lucidity and sorrow. In poetry rife with a bodily knowledge of the inherent 'second-ness' of women’s history, Oakes writes for the one and the many, Elektra her guide in the passage. 'I wonder if this earth meant anything when I leant my form to it,' the personae wonders in the final poem, and wonderfully, readers will find that it does, thanks to the earnest care of Kaya Oakes' making."
—Claudia Keelan

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