Today's poem is "Dive"
from Things Are Disappearing Here

Persea Books

Kate Northrop ís first book, Back Through Interruption, received the Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize from Kent State University Press in 2002. Her poems have been published in AGNI, Raritan, and American Poetry Review. Assistant Professor of English at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, she divides her time between Philadelphia and Laramie, Wyoming.

About Things Are Disappearing Here:

"Things Are Disappearing Here unfolds like a dream of possibly insidious intent, the poems moving back and forth across the border between what can be clearly stated and what must be surmised. It is stirring, this sense throughout of the beautiful, true word right at the point of being uttered."
—Sven Birkerts

"Things Are Disappearing Here, Kate Northrop's marvelous new collection, is about mutabilities, eclipses and displacements. In poem after poem, it is the `dark hand' one reaches out for that 'vanishing, takes hold,' This is a beautiful, powerful, and accomplished book by one of our best younger poets."
—Alan Shapiro

"Here, of the realm between consciousness and forgetting where the actual is always provisional, Kate Northrop conjures a metaphor for an earthly paradise at risk. Things are disappearing here, while in lyrics that distill the ethereal from the everyday and narratives that enchant with unsettling dissonance, she seeks to recover, restore, reclaim."
—Honor Moore

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