Today's poem is "From a Swaying Hammock"

from Chautauqua Literary Journal

Joseph Hutchison is the author of 11 collections of poems, including The Rain at Midnight (2000), Bed of Coals (winner of the 1994 Colorado Poetry Award), House of Mirrors (1992), The Undersides of Leaves (1985), and the 1982 Colorado Governor's Award volume, Shadow-Light. His poems and short stories have appeared in over 100 journals and in several anthologies. He lives in the mountains southwest of Denver.

Books by Joseph Hutchison: The Rain At Midnight, Thirst, Bed of Coals, The Heart Inside The Heart, Sweet Nothing Noise, House of Mirrors

Other poems on the web by Joseph Hutchison:
"One Clear Moment in August"

Joseph Hutchison's Home Page.

About Chautauqua Literary Journal:

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