Today's poem is "Misappropriation"
from A Conventional Weather

New Michigan Press

John Pursley III teaches poetry and literature at Delta State University, where he is the faculty advisor for the undergraduate literary journal, Confidante. His recent work appears in AGNI, Antioch Review, and Poetry. His first chapbook, When, by the Titanic (Portlandia Press), was published in 2006.

All the poems by John Pursley III that have appeared on Verse Daily:
March 29, 2006:   "Hammerhead on the Atlantic" " On the Ft. Lauderdale docks, there are barrels..."
October 8, 2005:   "Untitled Interior" " The grapefruit tree has died...."
September 22, 2005:   "Capturing a Plum Blossom" " In the center of the table..."

Other poems on the web by John Pursley III:
"Of Unbroken Harmony"
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Three poems
"Skyland Boulevard"

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